About Our Family

Let us introduce ourselves...


Thank you for taking the time to allow us to introduce ourselves and to let you know a little bit about us and our lives. We don’t know what you are experiencing, but we admire your courage during this time.


We are Nathan and Lisa and have been together  for 14 years and married for 7. We have one son,  Avery who is 5 years old and a chocolate Labrador who is 8 years old named Trapper. Avery is our biological son and after many miscarriages we are sadly unable to conceive a second child. As this news hit us pretty hard we knew that we could still grow our family with adoption. 

More about us!


Little back story on us, we both grew up in Upstate NY, Lisa is from Clifton Park and Nathan is from Schenectady. We met at Davis Vision, whom which was both our employer at the time and where Nathan still works today. We lived in Clifton Park where we had Avery for most of our relationship. It wasn’t until 3 years ago we moved to San Antonio, TX for Nathan’s job. We love it here and have made an amazing life for our family.

As a family we love adventure!! Avery is into sports (mostly soccer) where Nathan coaches. We love to camp, swim, go to the beach, walks and explore new and fun places. Our neighborhood is beyond kid friendly and we are the house all the kids come to play, swim and of course hangout on Ice Cream man night. As parents we both encourage kindness, curiosity and imagination. 

If you were to pick us to be your child's family we can promise you they will be treasured. They have Grandparents and extended family that are anxiously awaiting their arrival! Most anxious of all is their five year old brother who asks daily when he’s going to have a sibling.

Open Hearts and Home...


We know you desire the very best for your child, and we want you to know that we will give your child unconditional love and a beautiful life.  We will dedicate our lives to providing your child with love, support, and affection.

We are so excited to open our home and hearts to your child and to teach them the sacrifice and strength you made in this selfless choice. We thank you for getting to know us and considering us in raising your child. 


Nate, Lisa and Avery